Friday, March 23, 2007

My Friday

Well...I went to work for about 3.5 hours this morning...left, came home and worked on some massive audits of our HP product listing on GSA.....I've been working on this since 11's now 9 pm...I'm done for the evening, but have lots more to do.

However, I got to get all the sheets and blankets washed while I was working and I even managed to fix a nice dinner.

Now....the best part of all is that all 14 ebay auctions closed tonight and I sold $344.35 of stuff this week. Last week it was around $210.00. I'll have more stuff on ebay on Sunday night....I'm having fun getting rid of stuff I'm not going to use AND making some extra money. I'm signing off the computer for the night...gonna go flop and watch a movie with my hubby.


tigger said...

Yay on the ebay score!!! My stuff goes off tomorrow... I'm hoping for some higher numbers!

- Cynthia said...

Congrats on the eBay sales. I am almost ready to jump on that bandwagon...