Thursday, April 5, 2007

My week....

The cell knows all about my week...they know pretty much everything major going on in my life...they have been good friends this week...I've been a little kooky this week.

My job has never been my favorite - but at times it's okay...the past 3 months have been a bear though. I had a lot of stuff happen, that was really out of my control, but yet, it was on my watch, so I feel doubly responsible and have a grand time punishing myself, over and over and over.

On Monday, I came home, KNOWING, I was going to be fired...just KNEW it in my bones. Tuesday, my boss says, we need to chat today...again...I email the Cell....The Talk is coming...this is it...I'm on my way out the door.

The talk, was about my future and job openings available to me .... (WTH) I was offered my choice of jobs....went home thought about it (got teased by my hubby cuz I wasn't fired)...and picked my new job which is a very visible, very large program that goes for 7 years and is worth about 88 million dollars to my I get a promotion.

The Cell...ever supportive...doesn't call me a kook...(well maybe in emails to each other????)...but they are a great group of friends.

I think maybe I need to quit being so insecure about my job?????


- Cynthia said...

*sigh* That sounds so familiar. And unfortunately, I can relate oh so well.

Congrats on the new post and pay. I really look forward to meeting you next week, Donna!

Everlasting Monday said...

Donna you rock. I heart you. Congrats on the promotion!!

Parkie said...

Donna that sounds very familiar to me too - big hugs. I hope the new job will make you very happy cause you deserve it!

tigger said...

Donna I swear we didn't talk about you behind your back. lol We called you a kook right to your face. :hug: We love you!

Julianna said...

yay for you!!