Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Morning Coffee Chat

Let's week went fine. For once I wasn't slammed with deadlines at work, and realized on Friday afternoon, how SLOW time goes when you don't have a deadline...guess I'm just not easy to please, huh?

I finally broke a 2 year weight plateau this week, if only by .6 pounds, I was below that weight that I had not been able to break! What a great feeling that was and very motivating! Clothes are fitting better and some are getting too big - hey...maybe I can find that tie-dyed outfit???? LOL

Had some friends over to scrap last night..I've known these girls for 5 or 6 years and love them to pieces - the oldest was 30 - so I'm kinda the Momma of the group - one girl is only a year older than my son. We had a blast. I had prepared a menu of light and healthy foods that were quite delish - if I do say so myself. These girls are not scrap-addicts- like some people I know and Ashley scrapped her first two official layouts last night. I didn't scrap myself, but got to show all the wonderful gadgets I have and introduce them to the world of chipboard, rub-ons, paint, and even alcohol inks...I was in my glory...almost "Becky Higgins" like! LOL!! I thoroughly enjoyed my evening, but did learn that I cannot drink 2 cups of coffee after 10 pm and have expectation of going to sleep before 2 am!

I'm trying to motivate myself to go on a walk this morning - then back home to do do a little scrapping and cleaning and enjoying the weekend!

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Parkie said...

sounds like you had fun!