Saturday, July 28, 2007


Had a great week at work - at least for me. I completed a major process review and turned it in. Got a lot of old filing done - my biggest weakness. Went to happy hour Friday night...saw some old co-workers from years ago...that was fun. Dinner consisted of 3 beers and 4 cheese sticks.

I slept in until almost 8 am - wonderful.

Drinking a wonderful cup of coffee this morning.

DS and his girlfriend are coming over and we are going out to lunch.

Then I'm gonna scrap and do some chores in between both today and tomorrow.

I am considering reorganizing my scrap desk - I have a huge drafting table I use and I have a lot of those wire storage cubes I took apart. I think I could reorganize my space more efficiently.

That's about it for me. Oh...I want a new SUV...ours is about shot....I need to start doing some research. I'll probably go with a Toyota since we know the owner of a dealership here.


Carrielyn said...

Oh, you should definatly make time to fondle... I mean organize... all your scrap stuff. That's the most important part of scrapping!

Parkie said...

yes- yes it is!