Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sunday Ramblings

Just Rambling....

  • I hate japanese beetles...they fly around and bump into ME when I'm outside trying to relax and read. Thankfully...none of them flew into my shirt today.
  • I finished James Patterson's The Sixth Target today....good book. First one of his I had read.
  • I did a walk/run hips are NOT amused. I think I'll ride the bike tonight instead.
  • I keep seeing this little male cat at PetSmart named Ryder. He has some issues, but I am just drawn to him. I hate seeing him the pen...he's deformed...has only one ear and a few teeth - but he's healthy...all his medical work has been done. I just feel like he belongs here.
  • Laundry is done for the week! Yippee
  • I only work Monday and Tuesday this week! I'm so excited. I'll work long days Monday and Tuesday, but I don't care!
  • I Love HOME that store...founds some wonderful things in there today.
  • I think I'm a boring blogger - maybe music will be fun on my blog.
  • I love reading my friends blogs....I try to read them all 3 or 4 times a week.


Carrielyn said...

You are NOT a boring blogger. I try and stop by at LEAST 2-4 times a week to check in on you!!

And HOW could someone be boring if they own that LOVELY tye-died outfit???

Donna said... made me spew on the monitor with that one!!!!

Parkie said...

aww for the kittie. I am enjoying the blogs - you are not boring at all! luff ya

Carrielyn said...

I'm glad I made you spew!

And I tagged you.