Saturday, December 22, 2007

Word for 2008

We did this last year on ScrapDawgs - but I never came up with a word.

For 2008 - I've chosen the word ACHIEVE. Making resolutions is great, but I want to give serious consideration as to what I truly want to ACHIEVE. So I'll be doing some random blogging from time to time about my Achievements throughout the year. I'm going to put some thought into 3 major things I want to achieve before I announce them.

Main Entry: achieve
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: accomplish
Synonyms: accomplish, acquire, actualize, adjust, attain, bring about, bring off*, carry off, carry out, carry through, close, complete, conclude, consummate, deliver, discharge, dispatch, do, earn, effect, effectuate, enact, end, execute, finish, follow through, fulfill, gain, get, get done, manage, negotiate, obtain, perfect, perform, procure, produce, rack up*, reach, realize, resolve, score, seal, see through, settle, sign, solve, win, wind up, work out
Antonyms: blow it, choke, fail, fall short, lose, miss, quit - I don't want these to be my results for 2008!
Notes: achieve means 'to bring to a successful conclusion' (literally French 'to bring to a head') and accomplish means 'to perform fully'; the completion of achievement

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Lynette said...

I am still thinking about my word. I didn't take it seriously last year and I would like to this year. You I know are going to achieve much this year.