Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Week in Review

It's Saturday! Yay! I slept until almost 8 am - which is late for me. I already have dinner in the crock pot, dog is fed and walked, laundry going, junk mail shredded....and I've been up for just over an hour.

  • Work this week was busy - but that is always the case. I rarely have a "slow" time - it is grueling at times.
  • I went to the gym 3 times - met that goal.
  • Have nothing but a hair cut scheduled for the weekend - love weekends like that.
  • It's cold here, but no significant snow in the forecast - rats.
  • I want to do some scrapping this weekend.
  • The Super Bowl is next weekend....Giants and Pats. I must admit, I have not followed football seriously for years...I really don't care for the athletes and the arrogance and bad examples they set - I know it's not all of them, but I'm not impressed with any of them. I will root for the Giants - NFC - although I think the Pats will win.
  • It was a rather uneventful week - overall I'd call it a good week.


Lynette said...

I know, I want to scrap so badly. I don't think I have done a page since November. Doesn't going to the gym make you feel better. I work out some of my frustrations with my job there.

CK Photo said...

Sounds like my week. Just when I thought I could rest, something else came up! Hope you get some snow soon!

hoopy said...

what a nice week! i like your snow picture!

Jeanne said...

tag- you're it! go to my blog!