Saturday, March 22, 2008

I admit it...I'm Guilty

...of serious blog neglect. I just haven't felt like I've had much to say lately.

I've had a lot of stress lately and the doctor has been playing with some meds for me. I think they may have the right combo. On a positive note, the meds have made me start losing weight...and THAT is always a good thing.

I get to have a root canal next week and then a crown put on that same tooth...the excitement is almost too much to bear - I can't WAIT for Thursday - if you believe that - I have some swamp land for you to buy.

I was tagged a while back to empty the contents of my purse. I think I carry too much crap or my purse is too big, but I can't seem to make a small purse here's my bag o' crap I lug around everyday.

Work has been busy, but the last few days I feel like I could SHOW someone what I have accomplished. It seems that weeks go buy and I don't have anything visible to show for all the rushing around, emails, reports, questions answered and things that busy my work day on a normal day.

Spring is approaching and I never got that big snow storm I longed for.

I went wedding dress shopping with my cousin last weekend - we had so much fun! Here are a couple of pics.

We are going to my friend Donna G's for Easter dinner tomorrow.

Hmmmm...haven't done much scrapping - not really motivated right now.

Oh...and I go to New Orleans next month for work.

Not much else to blog about....I did read a bunch of blogs today and get caught up!


tigger said...

GOOD girl!!! Nice update. ((hug)) Love you!

Everlasting Monday said...

I love you Donna!! (hey is that the metro ticket from that Saturday? I still have mine!)

Lynette said...

You do indeed have a few things in your purse. I love to see stuff though. Like has just been hectic leading up to Easter. I know how you feel about not getting a lot accomplished. But you are doing more than you realize.