Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Are expensive to maintain. Honestly...I had a root canal last week and the tooth needs a crown. Had the crown prep on Tuesday, April 1st. Had my dentist, who I adore, check a tooth that has been bothering me for a few weeks - and wouldn't you know's abscessed and needs a root canal.

I have good dental insurance, BUT it has an annual cap of $1,500. I've already blown PAST that with the canal and crown...the next crown, is on me - at least for now. I can submit it to my Flex account at the end of the year - but I won't have enough in that account to pay for the crown until around November.

I've joked about having all my teeth removed and getting false teeth - so I could just go through the drive through, drop them off for a cleaning and pick them up later on!


CK Photo said...

I need a crown... one day. But my dentist said not until it bothers me all the time. (((hug)))

Lynette said...

I have a cracked molar, I have to have it fixed in two weeks. We got good dental insurance recently because we figured at our age, the teeth would start to have more problems. So far we have been right.