Saturday, April 12, 2008

Under the Bathroom Sink

It's scary when you take a notion to clean out under the bathroom sink. I am totally perplexed by the items I found in there this morning. I am not sure how some of the things got there, but it's kind of like looking through some kind of time capsule.

In the hall bath I found:
2 hair bands - My hair has been short forever - why do I still have these?
2 Cans of Suave Hairspray - hate that stuff - I'll never use it. I'll put them on Freecycle
A large assortment of lotions, bath & body works products.
A plastic bag full of OLD nail polishes - those are going in the trash.
4 other cans of good hairspray - Love me some hairspray.
1 Can of Mousse.
Disposable razors and 1 razor refill
Hair clips - again - may hair has been short forever.
4 blow dryers
2 Hair Diffusers
A Bag full of my pedicure stuffs
Philosophy cleanser
2 little boxes of facial cleansing cloths - pulled those to use.
3 bars of soap
2 spare rolls of T.P.

AND a giant bag of feminine protection products - Now I ask you - I had a hysterectomy almost 3 years ago - WHY do I still have these?

And all that was just in the Hall bath. Didn't even get into the master bathroom to explore that area.

Is under your bathroom sink a catch all for all kinds of misc things? I think I can safely say, mine is.


Jeanne said...

oy....been there- did that over spring break. that's part of how I'd filled up both of my trash bins. And they aren't small bins! I had a b ox that I'd had for probably 15 years. Every time I moved I just dumped everything under the sink into that box and moved.... now the box is empty! and gone! And I have learned to buy just enough of gauze/medication/peroxide/alcohol/pads
for the situation needed...not for next time!

Lynette said...

I went through ours about a year ago. I didn't have that much in the bathrooms, but the hall cabinet was scary. You put things in these places and forget about them.

tigger said...

I don't have a lot of room under my sink, but I refuse to poke my fingers more than 3" back.

Something might poke back.

Everlasting Monday said...

You should keep the tampons for when you have friends over. You never know!!