Friday, May 23, 2008

Just Rambling....

  • I have a 5 day weekend - yippee! I love being home and doing things around the house - it truly makes me happy.
  • Friends from Maine are in town for a wedding and are coming over tonight - nothing like a visit with dear friends to make your day. I met Donna and Kenny back in 1979/1980 - Way back before kids. Can't wait for tonight!
  • Change - I used to think I didn't like change - I actually think I crave change - just PLANNED change. I don't like surprise changes - messes up my plans!
  • The gym - I had to find a new one - and I LOVE this gym. It's all women. I look forward to going - which for me, has been a difficult place to get to. I'm actually going this morning for a work out.
  • Yard work - I love having a pretty yard and the greenest grass on the block.
  • Relaxing - I'm learning that I LIKE relaxing in the evenings. Just laying on the couch watching TV with the hubs - very enjoyable. I used to feel guilty about relaxing - but I've come to realize when it's balanced with the rest of your day - it's very beneficial for you.
Well - Peeps...that's all for now. Gonna dash to the gym and then by the grocery store. More later.

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