Sunday, April 26, 2009's Sunday...

I am in my scrappy place today. Working on Circle Journal pages for the Dawg. Finished pages for two people...working on a third.

I got a major bug to redo my scrappy place and turn it into a "studio". I have great furniture pieces that can be moved around and .... I may even paint a wall or two. I have a full week off work coming up the first week of May. I was really inspired by Chickie's studio on the Freak. You can click on her blog in my blog list....look for her Studio photo's just...awesome.

I love this room. I want to make it even more inviting, motivating and inspirational! think about what color would be good. I want one wall a dark color.

I'll post my layouts later tonight.

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Carrielyn said...

OOOO I love Chickie's room!! such great storage ideas!

As far as color... In our old house, we had a beautiful deep red in Mark's office... one of my good friends LOVED it, and painted one wall of her kitchen the deep red, and all the other walls a warm buttery cream. It is sooooooo pretty and warm and calming.