Saturday, May 23, 2009

Deep in the Heart of Texas

I love Texas. LOVE IT! I really think I could move there and learn to call it home. Must work on the hubby with that one!

Trip - Part One

I arrived in Austin on Saturday, May 16th through some lovely thunderstorms which thought it fun to toss my plane around the sky...Me...not so much. I've become a little phobic about flying for some reason and was really tense!

My good friend Cynthia picked me up and we stopped by Chuy's in Austin for a late lunch...totally delish! Then we spent the evening with her family and Gio whipped up a delicious dinner for us and then made me a was heavenly. Sunday, Cynthia and I drove to Waco to meet Barb - 1/4 of the cell. We had lunch at the Elite - where the portions are gianormous! Then we went to Michael's - (big surprise huh?). We went to the park and took some pics. I got a drive through tour of Baylor University - a beautiful campus. Here are a few pics of the early part of the trip. These are just cropped, no editing yet.


Carrielyn said...

I love Texas too... a little too humid on the coast... but so pretty. If only they didn't have bugs as big as my head, I'd live there. lol

Rachel said...

i'm glad you enjoyed yourself! I would miss you terribly if you moved to TX, but I understand the appeal. It's a different pace of life out there but you can still find fun and adventure.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it good to get away with good friends for a bit. My hubby is a fan of TX too... we aren't moving though :o) all the grandparents would kick our butts :o)