Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend Friends.

Saturday is here! Another work week was completed. I have to say, it was intense. A busy, issue filled week that culminated with them taking our systems down at 5 pm on the dot on Friday. Now being "forced" to leave at 5 pm is NEVER a bad thing, but I needed to get some emails sent by 5 pm and I was typing and waiting for information and in total panic mode! I did, get it done. Had to email my WAR report home (weekly activity report) since I would be unable to remote into my system this weekend. They are putting new phones in our office, which is great - the old phones were - well - old. However, part of this switchover includes locking down the internet. In addition to needing to access many govt sites and distributor sites during the day, I do keep my yahoo up all day. Well, that won't be possible anymore. Talk about making a girl twitch! LOL

So I told my hubby the changes and since I need a new cell phone anyway - we are going to get me a new phone and change our plan so I can get my email that way. What a good guy. So we will be looking at phones this weekend. Haven't decided on what kind, but maybe something like this? ** Update ** that is the phone I got! So far I love it and I need to read the book, but wow! Next to upgrade the plan so I have internet.

October literally vanished in the blink of an eye for me and here it is already Thanksgiving. We will be traveling to NC to visit our dear friends, Pat and George and their family and returning home on Friday. I will miss decorating my table for Thanksgiving, but here are some ideas I found online....and there is always Christmas! I bet that will be here before I know it and I'll begin getting out my decorations next week!

Just a random confession here.

I am a cosmetic hoarder. I noticed recently that I have so many creams and other products that are years old. I know I had some of them before we moved here, almost 5 years ago. Brace yourselves, I threw them out. It was sooooo hard for me to actually let go of them over the trash can...but I did it. Now I feel liberated. Now I still use lots of cosmetics, but I don't need every cream or color known to man (or woman). I do the same basics every day - no need to take up all that space with stuff I'll never use.

We had overnight guests last night. One of them is just soooo adorable and makes me smile all they way down to my toes. Yukon was here last night...isn't she just the sweetests?

If I don't get a chance...please have a most wonderful Thanksgiving friends!


Jocelyn said...

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving also!!! Love the pics and Yukon is just adorable!!!

YAY for the new phone..I have a Iphone and I love it!!!!!

Hope you have a relaxing weekend!!! :-)

Lynette said...

I have gotten rid of a lot of makeup in the last few months too. I finally had to admit to myself that certain eyeshadow colors do go out of style. My phone gets the internet and it is nice. I never had to use it at work,but I wouldn't hesitate if I was locked out.