Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Weekend is Here!

I love no alarm clock on the weekends. I don't really sleep after 7 very often, but I love getting up when I WANT to. There was frost on the ground this morning - fall is definitely here.

They are getting ready to open a new 7-11 that will be on my way to work every day. For some reason I'm actually excited about this. Once in a while, I like to stop for coffee and their coffee isn't AWFUL and just having the convenience makes me happy.

Even though I had two days off work this week, I feel like I worked all week. So many things to address and take care of - I had so much on my desk at one point I just had to take the first thing I came to and start there. I eventually got a lot done, but I was sweating it for a while. And guess what, what I didn't finish will be waiting for me on Monday! LOL.

I'm going to do some scrappy stuff and cleaning today.

I'm really upset about the shooting at Fort Hood. Our servicemen should not have to worry about being gunned down on base on our own soil. I wonder how much of a role political correctness played in this tragedy? I think we have become so sensitive to offending people that we overlook obvious warnings for fear of a law suit. I think something is a little off. Prayers for the families and the Ft. Hood community.

I'm not sure how many of you remember the Washington DC Sniper several years ago. One of the victims was a co-worker of mine. A good man. Gunned down for no reason. Many others were executed by this twosome. And now John Allen Mohommed is trying to get his death penalty overturned. I heard someone say he was too mentally ill to be executed. I found that disturbing. Mr. Dean Meyers was too good to be murdered. I hope his appeal is turned down.

Wow...serious topics for a morning, but they both were on my mind all week.

Going to my girlfriends house tonight for girls night. I'm hoping I can maybe talk them into playing Bunko on a regular basis. Got hooked on that at my beach crop in October.

Have a wonderful weekend all.

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Jocelyn said...

Donna...I so wish I were close to you and could go and have a girls night tonight!!! Sounds like fun!!!

It is wonderful to be able to sleep in...but this darn internal alarm clock will never let me sleep in!!!

It has been a sad week in the news and I have been in prayers for all of those at Fort Hood!!!

Have a great time tonight and I have always wanted to Bunko...but have no idea how to!!!!

We had frost to this morning and I loved it!!!

Smiles to you sweet friend!!! :-)