Saturday, December 26, 2009

For Today....Monday December 28th.

Christmas 2009 is officially in the history books. It is the best and most fun Christmas I can remember in years - at least since my son was younger. All three of us had fun and laughed lots. I'm going to do some scrapping this morning and start taking the decorations down.

Outside my window...Much of our snow is gone and it's a beautiful, sunny day here in Virginia.

I am thinking...of how much fun I've had kicking my hubby's and son's rear ends in Wii boxing!

I am thankful for...being off work all this week - I'm on call a couple of days - but that's not a big deal.

I am wearing... my jammies.

I am good I slept last night - without ambien.

I am do my Wii Fit and some scrapping today.

I am currently reading...nothing....don't have a book I feel like reading.

I am get a few layouts in Hannah and Charlie's albums done.

On my mind...Getting the house back in order.

Noticing that...Lots of the regular news people are on vacation.

Pondering these words...Life - Your life - is the Party to which you're invited. Show up and dance 'til you break the straps on your shoes! That means refusing to sit out a number. Dance them all and don't worry about the steps!

From the's time to get back to regular eating!

Around the house...Christmas Carnage is still visible. Wanting to get it all cleaned up.

One of my favorite things...Sleeping and just waking alarm clock jarring me our of a sound sleep!

From my picture journal...Rick and Chelsea on Christmas day.


Jocelyn said...

Loved reading your list...this looks like fun...I will have to try it!!

Yay for a good nights sleep..I wouldn't know what that is!!!

Creating and time off from how much better can life get!!!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!!

Lugo Family said...

Loved your post and I'm glad you guys had such an awesome Christmas!
Love ya! Enjoy the week off :-)