Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Spirit

Ah....the tree is up, the house is pretty much decorated! I didn't do as much this year, but I'm finally satisfied with the way it is. Some years I "feel" like doing more than others.

I have discovered I desperately need to reorganize my Christmas decorations - I have so much. There are many items I don't use anymore or just occasionally, but I keep them for sentimental value.

Most of my friends know, I love snow - at the right time, of course. And our first snow fall on Saturday made it perfect to finish up decorating. I was a happy little elf.

I think next year I want to change up my tree entirely, and that means, I may just have to put on my big girl panties and do some day after Christmas shopping so I can get some bargains. Here's a pic of the tree and the mantle.

I went to Kirkland's, Pier One and Home Goods this afternoon. Christmas music was playing, there was snow on the ground and I had the best time just walking around and looking at things. I also picked up a few goodies for gifts and for me. Pier One is becoming one of my favorite places to shop. I have a food themed tree in the kitchen - pics later since the one I took turned out blurry. But I found a pickle ornament at Pier One and the story goes is that you put it on the tree on Christmas Eve and the first person to find the pickle on Christmas day gets to open the first gift. Reindeer are one of my new favorite Christmas items. I saw some gorgeous ones at Pier One!

It was a good weekend.

Finally...I leave you with a picture of Elmo the Magic Elf. He has been a member of our family for at least 23 years. I'll save his story for another post. But I'll definitely do a layout about Elmo!


Jocelyn said...

Oh the decorations and tree are beautiful!!! Can't wait to hear the story about the Elf!!!!

I love Pier 1 toooo!!!! Oh please...we need to move closer and become neighbors and fellow shopper!!!!

I feel so warm and cozy from this visit with you!!!

Have a great week!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

LOVE all of it! But REALLY love your fireplace! I need to get more creative with ours!!