Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Madness....

Winter blahs....whatever it is....I think I have it.

We had a nice valentines day. We don't typically do anything, but my son fixed Chinese food from scratch for his sweet girlfriend, Chelsea. He of course made enough for us and he did a great job. Everything was so yummy. He made Fried Rice, Beef and Broccoli, and General Tsao's Chicken. He was VERY successful in making a gigantic mess in the process, but he cleaned it all up. I helped with questions and made a couple of suggestions about loading the dishwasher as he went to keep his work space free of clutter.

Work is busy and I think everyone is a little crabby with the long, cold, snowy weather.

I had to see a cardiologist this week due to some chest pains I've been having for about a month. The pain got worse in the last week and I finally told my hubby Sunday night because the pain was pretty intense. I refused a trip to the ER since the pain was localized, no breathing problems and my bp was normal. But I did see my regular dr on Monday afternoon and after 2 EKG's there, I was sitting in the cardiologist office less than 24 hours later. Mind you...I still think it's a pulled muscle - but that didn't explain the "blip" on the EKG. So now I have 3 tests coming up....the halter monitor for 24 hours, an echocardiogram and then a nuclear stress test which takes about 4 hours. With my history of HBP, family history of cardiac problems and lets face it...dropping estrogen - it increases my chances of developing heart problems. So they are going to try and rule out any heart issues.

I am trying to get some scrap mojo going - but I just can't seem to find a subject to scrap that just makes me unable to resist the urge to go create. I think it's the snow madness.

I have become addicted - once again - to the TV 24. I just love me some Jack Bauer. I also watch Criminal Minds even though it does give me weird dreams occasionally. The three CSI series are also something I watch - On Demand is my friend.

My new favorite HGTV show is Holmes on Homes....he's just dabomb. Luff him!

Now to go read a few of my favorite Jocelyn's.....and Oops, I Craft My Pants....the title makes me laugh.

Does fragrance bother any of you? I used to love wearing my favorite fragrance - Chance by Chanel. But I've become more aware of people who wear a little too much fragrance and those who feel marinating in the vat of their favorite fragrance is a good thing. So I have gotten out of the habit of wearing my fav scent to work every day. Most of the time a person's fragrance doesn't bother me - some I like, some I don't - but I walked into a small conference room to have a meeting with two men and the cologne was overpowering....I swear it sucked the air out of the room.

One of my co-workers discovered today - I am a BSP. Booger Sensitive Person. Things to do with Boogers and nose drainage...make me gag - fast. Once that little weakness was uncovered, I was tortured this afternoon. I have to admit, I was laughing, but eeeewwwwwww......

So that's my rambling for today....nothing exciting or insightful - just rambling.


Jocelyn said...

Oh Donna.....I have had all of these test done and that monitor in a pain in the tush!!! I hated wearing that thing...The stress oh so fun and same with the eco...hope they don't push toooo hard...

You had me at Booger Sensitive...I am so with you girlfriend...I gag and cannot stand any thing to do with that!!!We are sooooo sisters...

I too have not been creating as I should...I just want to get under the nice warm blankets and veg!!!!

Please email me with how things go with your test....I will be praying for you!!

PS ... I HATE strong cologne and people who bathe in the air...PLEASE!!!!

Love ya girlie!!!

Cathy said...

I want your son to come to my house and make Chinese for his girlfriend and have some leftovers for me.

I use to not be bothered by smells but now I stand to smell it to much. I no longer wear my cologne but have switched to a lightly scented body cream from VS called Amber Romance and I get a butt load of compliments on it all the time and I can tolerate it myself.

I hope that your tests will prove nothing is wrong. However, if you have been experiencing problems for awhile then I hope they find something and fix the problem.

I have had these pains that I had last night for over 20 years. They were just never as painful as last night which is why DH took me to the ER. I'm glad he did b/c now my problem has been revealed and I can now remove my gull bladder and hopefully never suffer again!!

Have a good weekend and create some beautiful stuff.


I got some new PRIMA!! YUMMY!