Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tests are Done!

All my heart tests have been completed. The final test was the nuclear stress test. I meet with the dr. next week to go over the results. But two of the tests have come back "satisfactory" - I hope that isn't like a grade of C and I need to improve to a B or an A! I should get the preliminary results tomorrow. I was also the youngest person getting the test today. The doctor will meet with me next week. My biggest challenge was NOT having caffeine for 24 hours before the test! But I survived!

One thing I'm looking forward to this month is the Third Birthday Bash at!

Come check out the Birthday forum for some great inspiration! The girls there are so talented and there will be LOTS of challenges! Here is the link to the Birthday Thread

I am really starting to crave creating again....I've been on a bit of dry spell and I think the mojo is flowing - maybe just a trickle, but it's there.

The week is half over! And on Friday I will go meet my friend Cindi Allen for dinner. She's had some upheaval in her life and we both need this time to just go eat and chat and relax and be girl friends!

I need to take my camera.


Jocelyn said...

So glad to hear the preliminary tests are positive....I know what you mean about the no kills me when I have to do that...not a nice Jocelyn!!

Enjoy your time with your one another and love one another!!!

Wishing you a great day sweet friend!!

Anonymous said...
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