Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's here....again....

Sunday evening...the end of the weekend.

I love when I have a productive weekend. Love when I don't have to get up to the alarm clock...have time to meander through the day at my pace and do what I want when I want.

Next week I'll be taking my math placement test and completing my registration for school. I'm getting excited! I've already done the English placement test.

While it may not sound glamorous....I did a lot of cleaning and getting rid of stuff again this weekend. Got some stuff to the dump....fixed a big breakfast for my men this morning.
In my family room I have 4 big windows...two are in a corner. I have struggled for years to figure out what to do with these windows besides blinds. I love the brightness of this room but it needed "something". This morning while puttering around in the kitchen - it hit me - Hang the curtains in the corner and swag the curtains toward the corner.
So I "forced" myself to go to Pier 1 and get some curtain panels. I was a struggle. It was torture. Walking through the store perusing all the stock in Pier 1. I guess someone needs to do things like that! LOL. Here's a before and after pic - Keep in mind - this corner is dedicated to my cats and we converted the dog crate to a cat perch and our old Kitty Critter sometimes has to be confined to the crate when she is having a bad day due to her hyperactive thyroid condition- so while I would LOVE to have a comfy chair in this corner - the kitties come first - at least the sick kitty does. I'd also love to get rid of the "Tower of Technology" that my husband insists must stay....he has an odd love of large speakers - I'm trying to convince him that bigger isn't always better....but it's a battle I'll never win! Next house will have a sound proof theater room...just for him! LOL

I managed to get a pic of my son's cat Daphne. She is a challenge to capture with the camera - she doesn't sit still long enough for me to get my camera out. Today I got lucky. I bought her a new scratching post and she's been enjoying it all day.


CK Photo said...

love the corner, understand the kitty thing.

the speakers, he need to get new one. being the techie guy he is, he should know that they have some great surround sound systems now, with small speakers that are great. especially if those are a few years old, they are outdated. maybe that approach will work. lol good luck

Lynette said...

I like the curtains. Love the kitty picture. Everything will come in time as far as the speakers are concerned.