Thursday, September 2, 2010

Brave Girls-----

I'm so excited! I started my day with a cup of coffee and some tears. But this is good, and my coffee was yummy!

Many of you have heard me talking about Brave Girls and Brave Girls Camp in July 2011! Well - they have finally got their new site and blog up. You NEED to go and check it out!

Melody Ross and her sister do an amazing job of send out the Daily Truth emails...they are so relevant and uplifting in a world that is more geared toward tearing us down. Please sign up for them!

Here is a link to their new blog!



Jocelyn said...

I love this and find it so inspiring each day!!!! Right now I need some Brave Girls in my corner....Man life has been bashing me from every angle!!

Let's share this time together with our coffee!!!

Love you sweet friend!!! Wish we could get a date together for a visit...but I know how busy you are!!!

Lynette said...

The positivity has to lift you up doesn't it.