Sunday, October 24, 2010

Final Day of Staycation....

I can't believe it's here already. It's Sunday and my last day of Staycation. I am convinced I was born to be a full time shopper, scrapper and decorator. Some how....I ended up working for a govt contractor....egads....what a wild turn I took somewhere!

It's been a wonderful week off work. Didn't miss it - not one little bit. Not looking forward to going back. But the paycheck is nice. I'm definitely one of those people who work to live...not live to work. My personal satisfaction does not come from my job - in a job well done, yes, but not my job.

On Tuesday I drove down to Rocky Mount, NC to visit my dear friend Pat and her husband George. They were supposed to come up and see us, but alas, old age is settling in and it was easier for me to make a quick trip to see them. So glad to spend her birthday with her. Pat and I have been friends since 1981 - we've been through thick and thin - literally...many diets can prove it! LOL

Thursday I began the job of finishing the dining room painting and completed that task on Friday. I am very pleased with it. I like to paint. I found some red panels at Pier One on clearance and have hung those up. The carpet cleaner guy came on Saturday and cleaned the area rug. I know the new furniture has left the factory and there is a good possibility that it will be here next weekend! So excited.

Last Saturday, Mike and I had the pleasure of taking 60th anniversary pics of a beautiful couple - Mr. and Mrs. Lester, at their farm in Reliance, VA. Beautiful day and a beautiful couple.

I also got lots purged from my scrap room - and I can actually work in there effectively again.

Here are a few pics from my week.

Tomorrow....back to reality.


Cathy said...

Sorry its your last day. I know how that stinks.
Your photos are beautiful!

Jocelyn said...

Sounds like a great time was had!!!

Love the curtains and the painting!!! Hey you love painting...I need some done around here!!!

The pics are adorable...look at those two!!!

Wishing you a great week...although you have to go back to work!!!! YUCK!!!!

Love ya girlie!!!! :-)