Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dear Diary....

It's Saturday, October 16th....

The weather is's a crisp, sunny day with a brisk breeze. The leaves are turning here - it's my most favorite time of the year!

Last night I got home from work and I puttered and did some laundry and things...I was so happy to just be home. I love being home. I have lots of things I want to get done and lots of things I want to do this week. But I'm not going to schedule myself into a frenzy...this is after all...staycation.

I've recently discovered a great website about journaling....It's called Journaling Saves and I've come to really enjoy it. I've even emailed with the owner, Kristin a few times. She's delightful.

A recent journaling tip I got from here had to do with what do I need to give myself permission to do? She had several items listed - Self Care, Time to Journal, Money to buy new paints, an hour alone.... Since I don't have small children at home anymore, finding time for self care is not a big issue for me, money for my crafts - again, not an issue - an hour alone - still...not an issue


My thing...Journaling. I remember as a little girl my mother saying there was not a safe piece of paper in our home - I would doodle and write on anything and everything (I don't remember drawing on walls or anything I wasn't supposed to, but who knows?). To this day, I buy books for journaling because I love them. I love how they look, I love how it feels to sit and write and write and lately, even be artistic in my journals - but that takes lots more time. The thing I don't make time for is journaling. For me, having everything done is a requirement before I sit down, curl up, grab my journal and write. Yet journaling is an important part of me. I yell and scream, laugh and cry, express my fears and self doubts, I talk to myself, I talk to God, it's my safe place to put all my ugliness and anger and yet to put my hopes and dreams in writing. It's not something I would ever want someone else to read - it's for me and me only.

I do pretty well at journaling in the early morning with my first cup of coffee, but that time is very finite because I have to get ready for work. In the evenings by the time I sit down, I just don't feel like writing.

So I think I will give myself permission to journal in the evenings - before the chores are done - I think I deserve it and it makes me a better person, a more pleasant person - and you know the saying....If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. That's very true in my house.

Let the Journaling begin!


CK Photo said...

I love to buy journals. :) Journals, not so much. Maybe because I don't feel like I have anything important to say. And that the pages are often the same 'thing' over and over.

Lynette said...

Journaling is not that much of an urge for me. But writing things down is why I started blogging. I needed a way to remember what happened at certain times and what I felt. I guess I am just not that "arty". You on the other hand have great skill at that. I bet your journals are pretty.