Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday....Closer to the Weekend

Thursdays are always like a little boost...the work week is more than half over and tomorrow is Friday. It also happens to be payday, which makes every other Friday that much better!

School is going well. I have an A in both English and Business. I got an A on my last business test and an A on my Business Plan presentation.

It's time to enroll for the next semester. After pondering for a while I've decided to stay with 2 courses over 3 courses. While I think I could handle 3 courses, I would have time for nothing else, specifically my creative side and that would not be good for me. I need that outlet. I'm also hoping to be able to take the PLACE course - which in a nutshell is making a portfolio of your life and work experience and if it passes the review, you can earn up to 15 credit hours - which would make a significant dent in my program requirements. I hope it's offered at this campus this semester and that I get accepted.

Earlier this week I was at the grocery store. There was a man with a little girl in front of me. He was paying for his purchases with WIC checks. He had several cans of kidney beans which apparently according to our government don't qualify as vegetables. I watched this man while the cashier loudly announced the beans were not eligible for WIC. She yelled across the store asking someone to check on the WIC allowability and I watched this man become ashamed. The cashier was rude and thoughtless. I pondered for the longest time telling her to put the beans on my bill - but I was undecided - afraid I would continue his humiliation. I tried my best to ignore his pain and not add to it so I didn't buy his beans. As he turned to leave, he turned to me and apologized for holding me up. I assured him it was no problem. I wish I had bought his beans for him, but he left so quickly I had no chance to catch up to him. So I took my well fed self back to my job and thought about this poor man. I know I would be embarrassed to use WIC checks. One thing I can do is call the store and tell the manager about the insensitivity shown this customer by the cashier. She had no right to treat him so rudely.

This year I'll be sure to give extra food to food drives. Maybe something I give will end up with this man and his family. Next time I'll buy those groceries for the person who needs help.

Have a great day all.

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Jocelyn said...

Congrats to you on a job well done!!! Look at you with all those A's!!!! I am so proud of you!!!

Your story about the grocery store incident tugged at me heart...So today...I am packing a bag of canned foods from my pantry and heading to the nearest food bank!!

I the store and make a complaint....that is not acceptable behavior...We all have tough times....and should never treat someone in that manner!!

Wishing you a great weekend!!! Love ya girlie!!!