Tuesday, December 14, 2010

See...I Told You I'd Be Posting Soon

I miss blogging. I miss reading blogs. Sometimes it sucks being mature and setting priorities that reduce or even eliminate some of my favorite hobbies. But school takes up a lot of time that used to be just for being scrappy or being on the internet. This is my last week of the semester and while I have enjoyed class, I'm glad to be done and have a break.

Thanksgiving was busy - didn't get ONE single picture. I have no photography mojo at the moment - so our big family gathering was not documented except in our memories.

The following weekend I went to NYC with my old friend Donna Fox and my lovely god daughter Kara. What a breathtaking place to visit during the holidays. NYC is larger than life and I had a hard time taking it all in. I will go back. We saw Mama Mia and the Rockettes - I am now hooked on shows!

My hubby was diagnosed with diabetes in mid November so we have been learning how to live with that and eat healthier. But he's doing great and is actually the model diabetic patient.

Hope you all are happy and healthy and enjoying this most joyous season!

I've included a few pics from NYC.....


Lynette said...

I miss your blogging too, but you have to do what is important first. You will have time and plenty to say later.

Jocelyn said...

Sounds like a busy time!!!!

Love the pics of NYC...that place amazes me!!!

Wishing you a great week sweet friend!!!!