Sunday, March 30, 2014

Unexpected Surprises from Facebook

Friday morning I found a Facebook PM in my "other" box. If someone isn't your friend, that's where Facebook sends message. I rarely check that box, but for some reason, I just felt like clicking on it and low and behold, there it was -

Are you Don Cope's daughter? He was my brother.

A message from my Uncle David - who I didn't even know was still alive. Thankfully, he is and he discovered Facebook and began searching for family.

As a person who has come from a family that is fractured and extremely dysfunctional, for a variety of reasons, far too long for a blog post, these two little sentences took my breath away. My late father and I had not spoken for years preceding his death. I had lost contact with my Uncle Charlie in Louisiana, who was my dad's brother in law.

and there it was....

Are you Don Cope's daughter? He was my brother.

I could have ignored the message - but I felt it was time to break the long standing tradition in my family of no communication and carrying grudges. I've long since forgave my dad for how he was and how he treated his family. Carrying around bitterness and unforgiveness only hurts you. And Uncle David had never done anything to me - so I put my fears out of my mind.

And ....I responded.
Yes, I am. Would love to talk with you and re-connect!

By the end of the weekend, Uncle David had connected, I think all, of the cousins from the Cope Children, Lida, Linda, Don, Corrine, and himself David. My friend list has grown since Friday. My family has grown. That little hard spot in my heart, that I thought was dead, started beating again.

I want my son to know about his family and where he came from.

I'm beyond happy.  The rain, sleet, freezing rain and snow couldn't dampen my spirits today.  
I'm thankful for this gift God gave me - so thankful.

And thank you Uncle David, for reaching out to us.

Here's to the future and getting to know everyone.

Here are pictures of my Grandma and Grandpa Cope. I had never seen a picture of my grandfather until today.  


3 comments: said...

Awesome Donna, I have started getting into genealogy the last couple of years. As, I haven't had real contact with my father in eon's.

Ill be keeping track of your progress.

Joesette Huffman said...

Amazing how God's timing works! So cool to see the photos of family you never knew.

CK Photo said...

That is amazing. I am FB friends my my uncle and his ex-wife (mother's side of the family) It is nice to have a connection to that part of my life and my early childhood. They knew me 'back then'. I am so happy for you