Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Night Blabbering

It's almost Monday! But I had a great weekend! Sold lots of stuff on ebay, put more on, organized my rub-ons into one of my CM sticker binders - I can SEE them all now!!! And I finished the work I brought that is good. Oh...and I started this blog....a good weekend overall. Goodnight all!

I have been wanting to add to my great aunt's china pattern I's a delicate, feminine pattern. I'm watching pieces on ebay - I hope to replace a few damaged pieces this year and actually use this beautiful china on a regular basis. Here's a picture. It's called Sunnyvale by Castleton China.


Missy said...

this is very pretty china..

Jeanne said...

wow donna...very pretty china! I'd be so afraid I'd break it!

CK Photo said...

I love the china, so pretty