Saturday, March 31, 2007

Feeling more Productive....

I went out to the post office and then to AC Moore this morning...I was looking for some Paper Glaze...didn't find THAT, but hopefully something similar....will play a bit. Then I stopped by the Daily Grind for some Coffee. The Daily Grind is a great coffee shop super close to my house....its in a new shopping center less than a mile from my house. The center is actually on the street that the side of my house faces....but I can't get to it easily because the road had a design they won't open the road...I went to a big town hall meeting Thursday night and listened to the businesses beg the county to open the road (it's not that bad - really...a flashing red light would fix the problem temporarily). These poor people are caught in a political game and they are suffering and it infuriates me. So with my previous experience in Land Development, I started talking with the Daily Grind owner and was sharing with them who to call and what a good strategy to go to the County with would made me feel like I contributed to the community.

OH....and Booktalks is back online again....I'm very happy!

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CK Photo said...

You are so nice to offer help, and to keep giving them your business.