Saturday, March 31, 2007

Weeky Recap.....

Grab a cup of coffe and join me...this will be a long rambling...It's been a week since I've had time to blog or really even read all my blog buddies entries. It's finally the weekend - its been a long week for me work wise - very stressful and draining. I finally am allowing myself to admit openly - I don't like my job - or more specifically, I don't like what I do - at all. I don't care about Govt Contracting, I don't like the political b.s. and ridiculous regulations that go along hand in hand on a daily basis and I really detest doing major proposal responses, which are really, just an exercise in creative writing. So why do I do this job? Well, it's VERY lucrative, and I've really tried to like it, but as I've moved up in the field and responsibility, I just don't enjoy it...I have no passion about anything I do there. Until my hubby's land development projects sell, I have to have this amount of income to support our family. I'd be much happier going back to being an office manager - going in in the morning coming home at night and never NEEDING to give my "job" a second thought. I've never been what one would call - a "career" driven person - I get bored after about 5 years and need something new and challenging to do...I've been doing this for 6 years now and have moved up rapidly - maybe I'm ready for another change? Things I'm pondering in my little mind lately. I'm very grateful to have a job and to be making the money I make, but sometimes it's not about the money - it's about doing something you enjoy and that matters. To me....what I do just doesn't matter or make a difference nor do I have anything to show for it. I don't even get excited when a huge proposal I put together is awarded...I'm more happy when it's dropped off at Federal Express....something just isn't right.

It's Saturday....and I've just finished my first cup of coffee...I LOVE my weekends! I had a hair appt scheduled at a new salon...when I figured out what it was going to cost, I called and cancelled. A friend at work gave me the number of a lady who does hair out her home - so I've called and left her a message - gonna give a new home business a chance.

I've got laundry going and a new order from Notions came in...I got some canvas's 8x8 and 12x12...I want to play with them a bit. I got some of the Heidi Swapp chipboard clock and watch faces...they are so cool! I know of several people who will want them right away - I'll be ordering more. Got some great Daisy D's paper in and embellies too. Got some REALLY cool Rub-Ons as well...gonna put them in Scrap Central sometime this weekend! I'm sure you all will love the new goodies. I will find time to scrap this weekend - I need that creative outlet after the week I had at work. I've pretty much designated this as finish my taxes weekend. I usually file earlier, but I OWE this year so I've been digging for more store expenses to get what I owe down! I'm hanging on to my money until the last minute! LOL.

I went to my ex-hubands house last night for a SU thing (I'm friends with his wife and we all get along) - it was first I was so tired and didn't want to go, but I had a good time once I was there. It's always fun for me when I meet new people there I introduce myself as the ex-wife!

OH...I've been an ebay addict lately...I've been selling stuff like CRAZY!!! I have made over $1,000 the last three weeks!!!! (All for Uncle Sam!) I will be packing ebay sales on Sunday evening!

I knew this would be long....but it's been a week - had to get a bunch of blogging done!

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daizie said...

:hug: sorry you are bored with your job My Donna! I totally understand -- I know people think it's crazy but I seriously do not want to massage one more person!!!