Saturday, March 17, 2007

Here I Am.....

Here I am....blogging....I have to wonder...does anyone want to read my mental ramblings?

It's Saturday and I love when I don't have anything "scheduled" to do and can just putz around the house cleaning and doing things around the home. I love being at home and doing things at home - does that make me a home body?

I am going to do some scrapbooking today and tomorrow is the kick off for the Miller Toyota Scrappin' Scions Contest which I helped organize and will be the lead judge of the entries.

I'll post some pictures later...have a great day!


Jeanne said...

I want to read!! I think these are fun! they make you look for things to post! lol

Everlasting Monday said...

Hey donna!!!
Glad you are here!

Angie said...

Hi Donna! I'm adding you to my list on my blog.