Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday's Ramblings..... I go, rambling away.....

I love being at home - I LOVE putzing around my house and doing things here and there. Today was a good putz around the house day for me. I did some spring cleaning in my "second bedroom"...where I retreat to when my hubby's snoring gets too much for me...or I just am not sleeping well. I love that's the last room in my house that is a primitive country style - it's done in a patriotic theme and I love it...I have an antique white iron bed in there - it's really high.

The last load of laundry is washing now...dh and I are going out to dinner tonight.

I'm getting ready to start scrapping - yay....ME TIME!

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Jeanne said...

yay you ~and I think I need to see a picture of this bed!