Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Weight Watchers

I joined this morning - I finally feel ready to tackle the weight loss I need to be healthier. For some reason this morning I just KNEW it was time. My hubby has lost almost 40 pounds and has even started walking with me!

So I get 21 points a day plus 35 free points to spend during the week any way I want. I'm at 17 points for the day - I am going to have one of my teeny Klondike sugar free ice cream sandwiches later - 4 points - that makes my 21 points.

Did you know lettuce had zero points! I can eat all the lettuce I about exciting!

I was a little hungry this afternoon - but held on until I got home and didn't "graze" while dinner was cooking.

I travel next week, so I will have to be extra careful and make good choices.

Wish me luck! I'd post a pic of me - but we all know what Fat Donna looks like! LOL


Paula said...

Best of Luck Donna! I know you will do it!

- Cynthia said...

You don't need luck, but I wish it for you anyway! You are on your way - Slim!

daizie said...

You are beautiful My Donna! Good luck with the WW :hug:

tigger said...

My Donna... how did I not know you were doing WW? Did I miss the email? Am I just an idiot?

:hug: Good luck - I know you can do it!