Friday, July 20, 2007


Here's your coffee art for this week....I love all my coffee prints I've been saving to my computer. I need more wall space in my kitchen!

It's been a week at work for sure. Emotionally and physically draining - and I even got to work from home one day. I may be going to California for 2 days next week...don't know yet....I'll find out today. Oh...and at least I can wear jeans today.

Tomorrow I'm going to my friend Joesette's for a girlie tea and shopping for my birthday. Saturday night my birthday twin is coming up to spend the night and we will do breakfast together on Sunday morning for our birthday's. I need to get her a gift today at lunch. I have a feeling my son won't remember my birthday. He did nothing for mother's day...I purposely have not called him this week either. He's become a very arrogant, selfish person...I love him, but I'm disappointed in his attitudes at the moment.

I think for the remainder of Sunday, I'd like to just scrap.

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Miss Cara said...

That is the scariest photo I have ever seen. It gives me nightmares, Donna.