Sunday, July 22, 2007

46 Years Old Today

46 - I don't FEEL 46. I didn't FEEL 45.

I got a beautiful Brighton Watch from my hubby.

I miss my mom calling to wish me a happy birthday...some how I can hear it saying it.

I'm having lunch with my son today - someplace yet to be decided...I'm not excited about it. He has really turned into a person I don't like in the last 6 months or so. Maybe someday soon he'll stop being an arrogant, self absorbed person.

I'm going to scrap today.

I may ask BHKB to take me to a movie.

I saw License to Wed last night....It was cute, funny and a little cheesy.

I have several birthday twins: My friend Donna Gillman, my brother in law Gary and another co-worker. None of us are anything alike.

The weather here is amazing today...very southern California...mid 80's, light breeze, next to no humidity.

Here's my new watch:

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Angie said...

Beautiful watch! Enjoy it.