Saturday, September 1, 2007

Long Time no Blog.....

Not so much exciting stuff to blog about, so I guess I'll ramble aimlessly for a bit.

It seems so many have such critical and others have way more interesting things going on in their lives at the moment. I'm just kind of in a calm phase I guess.

Work is busy, busy, busy, but its the end of the govt fiscal year - that's normal. I've been given my quarterly goals, 1 month before the end, but I think I can accomplish them by then. My bonus plan is going to be reworked after the first of the year, the VP doesn't think mine is lucrative. Okay by me.

I've been decorating the bathrooms at home, finished the half bath, except for finding the perfect shelf for the wall. I'm working on the hall bath right now, that will be done today. I'll can't decide which to do next, the kitchen or the master bath. I'd like the kitchen done before the holiday's, and that is a big area because it also includes the family room. So maybe that will be a good task for the week in October that I am off. I've become enamored with light fixtures, the ones they put in new homes are so UGLY and BORING - so I'll be replacing all of those as time goes on.

Been doing a lot of scrapping which is nice.

We watched a documentary last night on the Lost Boys. It's about a group of boys who are Sudanese refugees. It told their amazing story of fleeing their home country and how they have lived in a refugee camp in Kenya for most of their lives (why aren't we helping the Sudanese? Another long story). A group was sponsored by various churches and organizations and they were brought to the US and set up in several locations around the US. To listen to them was just amazing...we are so spoiled and take so much for granted. When I think of how I whine about my job, I am ashamed - as a society, Americans really are very shallow, selfish and spoiled. These young men had to be shown how to flush toilets, turn on lamps, what a refrigerator was - the basics. They got jobs, went to college and most of them returned to help their "family" in the camp or do things to better their country. A truly amazing story. We got it on Netflix - I was very moved by it.

Anyway...that's all for now....maybe I'll have something interesting to babble about again soon.

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Lynette said...

I have read about these young men too. We really pretty shallow and unaware of the world outside our borders.