Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday, Sept 9th

Had a wonderful weekend. Our good friends Pat and George came up from NC for the weekend. I have known them for over 25 years...and I didn't take one photo all weekend - I must be losing it! On Saturday Morning, George and I head to Lowes and get a new light fixture for my half bath...its finally totally complete. Then the guys go off and Pat and I head to Home Goods and Target. we find treasures at Home Goods! Saturday evening, my son and his girlfriend and My ex-husband and his family come over for a cookout. The ex knows Pat & George too and I scrapbook with the ex's wife! I know, bizarre, but it works for us. We had a fun evening. Pat & George always leave mid morning on Sunday. I headed into the office for 1.5 hours and was quite productive. Probably got 3-4 hours of "regular work day" work done with no interruptions. Then I came home and started on an altering project - a big metal star. Then I went and got the car washed and came home and waxed it and cleaned it out with dh's help. Had a lean cuisine for dinner since we ate very well all weekend.

Here's my star:


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Carrielyn said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!!

Lynette said...

The weekend sounds so fun. I love your start. I think that it is a great way to display the photos.