Saturday, October 13, 2007

Random Blogging

It's an art. Have you ever noticed how some people write about totally random things and its fun, enlightening and entertaining to read? I really think it's a talent. I'm not among the gifted, but I'm going to do some anyway.
  • Cleaning a big soaking tub is such a pain. I really hate this household chore more than any others I can think of. Perhaps that is why I don't use it much and I've learned....anything moisturizing the tub is a nightmare to clean later.
  • Hair color....doesn't last long enough - no matter what. Roots come way to quick. I love what used to be my hair color, a rich, deep brown. But that may truly be a thing of the past with the maintenance involved and I'm not ready to go gray and quit coloring and I'm not a blond.
  • Long Weekends are the wonderful for getting lots done.
  • Thanksgiving is coming - we are having family here. I'm already planning on what dishes I want to fix. I love this holiday.
  • The Cell Retreat in New Jersey was so much fun! Here are a few pics from the weekend. Nothing like a weekend away with the girls and jello shots.
  • Max - My favorite cat ever - It's been 10 months since he died - I still miss his big headed self. I always look in Petsmart to see if I see a look alike - but deep down I know, even if the new cat looked like Max, it was his personality that made him who he was.
  • Crock Pots - I'm in love with mine...not in THAT way - but I love finding new things to cook in there - I find it a challenge to not lift the lid and sneak a taste though. I've never done a dessert in the crock pot...only main dishes.
  • Beans - I love beans...all kinds really. Beans, Beans, the magical fruit...the more you eat the more you Toot. One of my favorite fall dishes is beans and ham and my hubby can makes an awesome beans and ham.


tigger said...


tigger said...

OH nice. If you click on it, it gets REALLY BIG.

hoopy said...

ah! that's great! i dunno...barb's gonna have to get you now!

tigger...jess is going to need a candle lol

Steve said...'re quite talented at the random thought post. :) Very entertaining.

And the photo. I was looking forward to photoshopping it.

But I'm not sure if it needs it. I can see Tigger's brain through her nose.

{monica} said...

Looks like you girls had a great time. Love the payback...too funny!

Lynn said...

seriously SPEWING here!!! AWESOME random thoughts post! ROFLMBO!!!

Lynette said...

Great post. Barb told us all the stories about it last weekend in Denton. We had jello shots too.

Cyn Pip Pics said...

Whoa! Now that is vengence!! What were ya'll doing in Jersey - tonsillectomies?

Carrielyn said...

Well, I've now seen parts of Tigger's body I never thought I'd see... lol, and I agree with Steve, you do well at randomness!