Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Go Away Warm Weather

I want my winter weather! I want some snow! It just isn't right that I am walking the dog on the 9th of January with NO FREAKING coat on! I'm supposed to be wearing cute turtleneck sweaters and cute jackets - but no...I need to haul out summer clothes in January!

Something I miss on ScrapDawgs - Princess Carrielyn and her stories about Evan! Luckily I get to go to her blog and read them, but I truly miss her being able to post as much!

The GSA Audit got started yesterday. It was my first - it wasn't horrible, but they are coming back because since the acquisition, we have two business systems - so they are breaking it into two visits.


CK Photo said...

I hope you get your snow soon!

Carrielyn said...

You're weird. We have plent of snow, come visit... then you can get your Evan fix in person!! Sorry I'm not around much anymore, cute little Evan keeps me running!