Sunday, June 22, 2008

Week in Review

It's been an amazing week....

I had the distinct honor of being at the birth of Hannah Annice Leininger. My sweet Pam and her hubby Doug welcomed their first child. Pam is like a daughter to me. I met her mother in pre-natal exercise class 24 years ago. I ended up doing daycare for them when I was a SAHM and Pam and my son went through school together as well. Many family gatherings have happened over the years and we are all more than friends, we are family.

When I went by the hospital to check on Pam and how things were progressing, I found out they got special permission for an additional person to be in the room - they already had their 3 allowed participants. But I was allowed to stay and watch this precious little girl enter the world at 9:51 pm weighing 7 pounds 14 oz. She is absolutely so beautiful and Pam did such an amazing job during her labor and delivery.

Pam and Doug - thank you for this amazing privilege - I love you.

Here are a couple of pics of Miss Hannah - I'll be posting more later.

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Lynette said...

She is an absolutely beautiful little girl. What a wonderful experience for you.