Saturday, June 14, 2008

Winding Down......

After 3+ years of having an online scrapbook store....I'm finally nearing the end. It's bittersweet for me....but mostly it's sweet. After 3 years of working 2 jobs, I decided I was tired. I was tired of the business aspect of scrapbooking - so I've officially closed the store. I had a big scrapbook yardsale today - it was very successful. The remaining product will be sold on Craig's List and Ebay. No more coming home from work and packing orders - I've gained 10-15 hours back of "me time".

What am I doing with my new found "me time"? I have gotten serious about working out again and I am up to 4 days per week now, sometimes 5 and most of the time, I do a very serious, challenging workout incorporating cardio and weight training. I also have more time to scrap - which is just the best thing of all for me!


CK Photo said...

I shall miss the store. But I understand about 'me' time and time to actually scrap. (((hug)))

Lynette said...

Me time is needed by all of us. Scrapping for fun is the best.