Thursday, December 4, 2008

Merry Christmas

I say it....Merry Christmas...I love saying it! I'm not ashamed to say it.

What irritates me with our country these days is that we are being forced to feel that our traditions are politically incorrect.

Costco doesn't have Christmas gifts anymore...they have Holiday gifts. I won't be shopping at Costco anymore. Support our country and it's foundations if you want my business.

Costco has 520 stores nationwide. But you will not find "Christmas" in a single store.

That's because Costco says it will not use the term "Christmas" on its website or in its stores. Instead, Costco is telling customers it purposely chooses to use the generic "holiday" verbiage. You know, they stock holiday gifts, not Christmas gifts.

Last week, a customer wrote to Costco and asked this direct question – "Does Costco use the word 'Christmas' in your store advertising or on any signs anywhere in your stores during the Christmas season? That's a pretty simple question, yes or no."

Kory Rosacrans, staff manager for Costco replied, "I guess the answer would be No."

Rosacrans said, "Costco does not advertise on television, on radio or in print like other retailers. We only advertise by mailings and e-mail messages sent directly to our members who have paid for the privilege of shopping with us."

Costco wants you to do your "Christmas" shopping with them, while refusing to recognize that Christmas even exists.

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