Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yikes....2 months Plus...

Since my last blog entry. Yes, I've been a bad blogger.

My friend Peepers sent me an email -
"Update your blog. That is all."

Well Peeps, I've changed the back ground and now I'm going to blog and to kind of push down the Christmas pics.

It's Valentine's Day Weekend. We don't do much for Valentine's Day. My hubby got me a sweet card and we ate a frozen pizza and watched TV.

I've been reorganizing my scrap room - seems to be a never ending task! I worked on the closet yesterday and I'm actually PLEASED. I am going to use my Michael's 50% off coupons and get a Cropper Hopper Photo Storage box - I inherited SO many photos. Not all will be scrapped, of course, but I need to get them into albums, so I'm actually working on that as well. That is something I can do while sitting and watching TV with the hubs.

I think I've sold most of my mother's dolls. I loved my mother and I miss her, but she was a little doll obsessed. Unfortunately, due to a fire in her building and a touch of Alzheimers, I do not have the boxes and paperwork to go along with the dolls. This makes them worth very little to serious collectors. But I'm down to just a few dolls and an ever increasing amount of Barbies!

I found some 5x7 scrapbooks on sale at Michael's yesterday, I have a little project I want to get done today - Hopefully, I'll be posting pics of my completed project later.

So....for now....I leave you with a mystery pic...

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