Monday, October 26, 2009

A New Week....

A new week....

- Weekend was good. I actually did quite a bit of scrapbooking for me. It felt good. Nothing scheduled that I had to go and do, so I enjoyed doing things around the house and being creative.
- I lost 3.6 pounds this week - so far, I'm down 6 pounds total. Not too bad. I'd like to lose another 9 pounds on the work Biggest Loser. I actually wear the same outfit every Monday for weigh in!
- We had make your own Mini-Pizza night on Saturday. We had a good time with my son and his sweet girlfriend, Chelsea. Rick was very meticulous in his pizza preparation - it was fun to watch him create with such attention to detail.
- My favorite candle scent is spiced pumpkin - I never get tired of that fragrance. I found one of my candles burning over the rim and snapped this quick picture. It kind of looks like candy corn upside down.

- At work, I sit by the back door - also known as the smoking deck. The smoke has been so bad last week and today that I come home with a headache every day. Smoking is just nasty, nasty, nasty.
- The hubs and I went for a drive on Sunday to do some leaf peeping. We've come to the conclusion the best trees are in shopping centers and parking lots. The more natural areas were just brown and ugly. But fall leaves are just beautiful - I never tire looking at the vibrant colors.
- Our 5th wedding anniversary is Friday. We had discussed going on a trip but instead opted for a new flat screen tv for the family room. It will be delivered on Thursday. My hubby was shocked when I told him to get the larger one that the one he picked out would really be too small for the area.

That's all for now! Everyone have a great week!


Jocelyn said...

Yay for the weight loss.....always feels good to see the scale go down in numbers...instead of up!!!!! Love the picture of the candle flame...that may end up on my Blog also!!!!! Happy Anniversary.......and how wonderful that you told Hubby to get a bigger size are a good wife!!!!! Wishing you a Fabulous glad that you are scrapbooking...can't wait to see what you created!!!!! :-)

RachelNoah627 said...

Happy Anniversary! What a cool gift for you...and especially for Mike.

Great shot of the candle flame!

Missed you on Monday!

Lugo Family said...

Pumpkin Spice candles are my favorite too and any of the spiced Apple/homey smells of spices :-)
It does look like a Candy Corn.
Happy Anniversary!!!

Lynette said...

You both will enjoy the bigger TV. I do a lot more than I expected. Keep going on the weight loss. Good work.

Leslie said...

I love your candle picture. So pretty!