Monday, November 2, 2009

It's Monday!

Happy Monday all...such an oxymoron, huh? I'm actually off today and tomorrow.

- Biggest Loser Update - I went into work this morning for the weigh in. I held steady. No gain, no loss, which I'll consider a success this week. Had several work related functions, our anniversary dinner and halloween - so holding steady was good. I did well at not over eating while enjoying some tasty foods.

- Low trick or treater turn out = lots of candy left over. Thankfully my thin son is eating lots of it. I think the weather was an issue this year.

- Prell Shampoo. I didn't even know they still made Prell Shampoo. I saw it at the grocery store today. Of course the packaging was all different, but what a flash back to my child hood.

- Our new TV - We have entered the modern age by purchasing a new 46" LCD TV to replace our 36" 300 pound Sony TV. We opted for this purchase over an anniversary trip this year. I think my hubby is very happy. Although, we had an interesting delivery snafu. I appears that they first delivered the TV to another Michael Johnson in our neighborhood and the elderly woman there just accepted delivery. After going back and forth, the TV finally arrived. Well, dh decided the sound on this particular tv didn't do "something" he just had to have it do - something I cannot understand, but's a guy thing. So we packaged the TV up and took it back to Best Buy and got a different brand. He's happy as a clam now.

- I have two days off work this week. So today I'm scrapping ALL afternoon and I'll do some tomorrow as well.

- Tomorrow is Election Day. I'm a huge supporter of exercising your right to vote. I'm happy to say that I am very happy with the predicted turn out of the Virginia Governor's Race.

- Stay tuned...I may blog tomorrow.


Jocelyn said...

Your husband and mine should be best friends...we are still sitting with no TV because a new one is coming out in November and he has to have all these bells and whistles.....oh the family room is still without a TV!!! We did not have many children for Halloween I bagged up all the leftover candy and my daugher is taking it in to work....those girls on night shift can use a chocolate kick in the middle of the night!!!!! Can't wait to see what you are scrapbooking....Have a great week and thanks for all the wonderful comments!!! :-)

~PakKaramu~ said...
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