Monday, October 19, 2009

Rambling and non-sense

Let's see....
- Gained 1.2 pounds - cost me $2.00 for the biggest loser contest at work...each day is new - and I'm still at a net loss.
- Went to an Octoberfest celebration on Saturday night - wonderful neighborhood and friendly people and I guessed the number of peanuts in the beer mug and won the nuts and the mug - I am the nut queen!
- Got some scrapping done this weekend - I want to finish up 3 layouts in progress - maybe tomorrow night.
- Went to an LSS in Fredericksburg - Scrapdoodles - on Sunday - got to hang with Slush from Scrapfreak - she is so much fun.
- Bought a timer at Walmart tonight - I've been wanting one for a long time.
- Work was fairly quiet today - quiet and productive - that's always a good thing.
- Facebook - I think it's killing blogs and forums in general. It's a great place to find people and touch base with many at once, but I still love my email and blogs and forums - I think they are just more fun!

From Joceylyn's blog.... I love reading her blog!

What are 5 of your addictions?

1. Morning Coffee, 2 splenda pks, half and half - 2 cups. Anything else dorks my day up. Nobody drinks the last of my half and half at home.
2. Email - I check my email all day long.
3. I feel the need to always have something to read with me - for sitting in traffic, waiting at a dr office, waiting for a hair appt...etc...I feel at a loss without that.
4. Making sure the litter box is scooped at LEAST once a day - and normally more.
5. Scrapbooking - I can't honestly imagine my life without it - I don't know what I'd do with myself.


Jocelyn said...

Oh Donna...thanks for playing along and we must be sisters....I so agree with all the things you listed!!!!!! I just adore your Blog and keep the posts coming....FYI...I adore my Blog much more than FACEBOOK!!!! Have a Terrific Tuesday!!!! :-)

tigger said...

A timer? You needed/wanted a timer?