Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mid-Week Update's almost midweek....close enough!

We had a good weekend. Got most of the shopping done, a couple more items to pick up and a few gift cards. I hope to get those done this week at lunch time.

Our dish washer may have gone to the appliance junk yard in the sky. We are waiting on the repairman to come back and make the final pronouncement. I already have a new one picked out, just in case. In the meantime...I'm doing all the dishes by hand. I will be one happy girl when this one is fixed or the new one is installed!

Went to the dr today to have my sore throat looked at. The strep test was negative but they still put me on Zpak since there is "something" going on back there. Imagine me...not "wanting" to talk...doesn't happen often. But I gave in this morning and elected to go to the dr and not go to the office, which is something I am quick to complain about - if you are sick stay home. I think I have a bigger problem admitting I am sick. LOL.

Do you ever wonder why birds sit on electric wires? I find myself staring at birds all lined up on the wires while sitting at a stop light. It just seems like such an odd thing to do - all lined up in a do they communicate? I'd have a sore neck for sure!

Worked on a layout this weekend - but it's not done yet. I will share when it's finished. I also spent some time looking through old pics - so many sweet Christmas memories and memories of when my son and the little girl I babysat, Pam, were little. Now Pam has two little ones of her own. How can you not grin at these little ones?


tigger said...

ROFL!!!! Blackmail pics for sure... great update!

Anonymous said...

haha CLASSIC pic of your son and his little friend. And the bird on the wire thing..I ASKED the same question yesterday!!! lol

Anonymous said...


Jocelyn said...

So sorry to hear that you are feeling YUCKY!!!!!

I have so wondered why the birds do that also...I wonder what happens to them from all that exposure to electricity!!! I too would have a sore neck trying to talk to all my friends!!! :-)

I love the Christmas pics from the past..the undies is adorable!!!

Wishing you a great week....feel better and ENJOY!!!!

Joesette said...

hahahaaaa! great photo of the kids....hahhaaaa!!