Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful....

But I'm finding it soooo delightful!

I gave up being "freaked out" by our beautiful snow storm and gave in to enjoy the magic of it all.

I'm going to be taking pics to document the storm and I'll be updating here!

Everyone be safe, stay home, and enjoy this wonderful, beautiful day!

Our yummy baked potato soup is done.

Here is a new pic of "Frosty".


CK Photo said...


Janette (scrappinjanettey) said...

Ok, that picture of Critter is PRICELESS!!! that cat is NOT having fun.
Your snowman's twin brother lives in my yard! I knew we were related!
AND WOW! I can't imagine living where you have a blizzard!

Jocelyn said...

I am so with you sweet friend...we are at 22 inches and less the huge drifts!!!!! I HATE IT NOW!!!! I want out!!!

Keep warm and dry!!! :-)

Missy said...

I can not fathom that much snow. It's just not in my ability to do that. THe most snow I have ever seen at one time was 8 inches. I thought that was bad enough

Cathy said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of "LOTS O SNOW".

If it was a work day would you have gone?? giggle snort giggle snort snot giggle!!

Love the hat on the OL' CAT!!

P.S. Better you then me!! :)

A Sarasota said...

Hey Donna! Wow, that's some serious snow! Poor Critter, getting all frosty....

ropergirl3 said...

wowzers!!! I am so jealous