Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The definition of Rest?

1 : repose, sleep; specifically : a bodily state characterized by minimal functional and metabolic activities
2 a : freedom from activity or labor b : a state of motionlessness or inactivity

I am not good at resting. I feel guilty doing nothing.

I had to go the doctor on Monday. I have bronchitis bordering on pneumonia. I have meds and was told to stay home and rest.

Now I would tell anyone else to follow the doctors orders.

But WHY do I feel I am outside the rules? I hate doing nothing. I hate feeling bad. I've been a grump for a week now.

So send good thoughts for the hubby...I'm sure he's ready to run away from home by now!


Jocelyn said...

Oh Donna...I am so sorry....please take care of yourself...and believe me....I am one that feels that it is impossible to do better...I didn't listen to the doctors when I had bronchitis and guess who ended up in the hospital...not a nice place!!!

Rest, watch some silly show on KNOW....Sketch some scrapbook can do it...I know you can...

This one is for patient....poor Donna!!!

Love you girlie!!!

CK Photo said...

Feel better and be nice to BHKB!