Monday, February 1, 2010

Remember When......

For those of us in our Mid 40's to Mid 50's -

Do you remember your office before fax machines?

I'm sure many of us remember our office before email!

Important documents were delivered by courier. One company I used to work for had a daily courier run between our office and the corporate office. It was done by the same wonderful elderly gentleman - Mr. Bushrod.

Remember paper phone messages?

Remember companies having their phones answered by a person?

Remember when you could call your dr and immediately tell the person you need an appointment instead of waiting to hear which number to push - just to leave a message to be called back some time that day?

Ahhhh.....the good ol' days.

While some of the technology advancements are wonderful and very useful, I often feel that I have so many "urgent" things to attend to that I get overwhelmed and KNOW that I will never get it all done today.

It is virtually impossible to try and set aside some segment of time to work on a task and get it done. To me, managing my time means forwarding my office phone to voice mail, I turned off the pop up reminder in outlook that would flash on my monitor for every single email received - Just so I can manage the "incoming" information and data at a pace that works best for me. I feel as if my "hard drive" has a 20 MB capacity while I'm required to process 100 MB of data constantly flowing in.

I don't enjoy the pace of today's workforce - not at all. People work longer and longer hours just to be rewarded with more and more work.

There must be a way to balance it all - at least part of the time.


Jocelyn said...

I do remember those days....and in a sense...I too miss them....everything is so rushed and hurried....

My hubby was asking if I wanted that new computer gadget to read a book....heck no I said...I want to hold the book in my hand and feel the pages....not hold another computer gadget!!!!

Wishing you a terrific week!!!! More snow on the way here mid week and the weekend....WILL IT EVER END!!!! ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya girlie...


CK Photo said...

I remember ditto paper. I made new masters of my papers a couple years ago, got rid of all the 'blue' pages.

Cathy said...

I don't think 44 quilify's for the "before fax machines in my office".

Either that or I just can't remember!!


How's the snow?

Lynette said...

I agree that the technology has not mad the workplace better. I think retiring was the only solution to not having to deal with it anymore.