Sunday, January 31, 2010

The End To Another Weekend Looms....

Let's see....we had about 5-6" of snow yesterday....and it's really cold out there!

Work was busy last week, I have a lot on my plate for next couple of weeks. But hey, I have a job right!

Ordered some new books off of Barnes & Noble with their clearance sale and got free shipping. I'm finding sitting (or laying) and reading in the evenings really helps me unwind from the work day.

Not feeling very scrappy lately, so I'm going to clear off my scrap table and put away things in progress and let my creative juices take a little break. I'm going to do a lot of blog hopping and make some notes of things I want to try.

However, I did win a prize on the Who's That Girl Blog....lookie! I was sooo excited! It really gave me a lift!

Taxes...bah humbug....enough said.

Had a cleaning/organizing burst hit me yesterday - got lots done. my window, once snow!

Creating - not too much right now - the mojo is not flowing.

Here is a great new sketch blog! Love me some sketches!

Excited - about my new books on the way from Barnes & Noble.

Looking forward to seeing my friend Peepers next Saturday since Old Man Winter canceled our lunch for this weekend!

Journaling....I used to journal - a lot. I haven't done it for years. I'm feeling the urge to just "vent" and get things out of me - I feel like I've been keeping so much pent up and I don't think it's good for me.

Other than that...a busy work week ahead.

Have a wonderful week everyone! Stay Warm!

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